How to Navigate the Cincinnati Real Estate Market

cincinnati real estate
cincinnati real estate
How to Navigate the Cincinnati Real Estate Market 2

If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate market at all recently, you know that home prices are on the rise, mortgage rates are low, and inventory is scarce. These factors combine to create a strong seller’s market.

The world of Cincinnati real estate is no exception. In fact, during the summer of 2021 Cincinnati was the number one fastest selling housing market in the entire United States.

Whether you’re buying a home or selling a home, navigating the market during this time can be tricky.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know no matter which side of the real estate transaction you’re on.

Tips for Buying a Home in Cincinnati

Buying a home in a seller’s market is possible, but being prepared and organized can go a long way. Here are some tips for buying a home in Cincinnati.

Familiarize Yourself With the Area Before You’re Ready to Buy

When you’re trying to buy a home in a seller’s market, it pays off to be prepared. Rather than waiting until you’re ready to buy to start looking around, start seeing what’s on the market before you get serious.

This could consist of walking around neighborhoods you’re interested in to get a feel for them or looking at listings online. You can also keep an eye out for how quickly houses are going under contract after they’re listed. This can help you understand how quickly you’ll need to move when you want to make an offer on a property.

In Cincinnati, there are a lot of different neighborhoods that offer a distinct vibe. Whether you’re interested in the west side, the east side, downtown, or northern Kentucky, those moving to Cincinnati for the first time will want to familiarize themselves with the different regions of the city.

Are you wondering what the best parts of living in Cincinnati are? If so, check out our list of things to do.

Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Having a good real estate agent can make all the difference when you’re trying to buy a home in a hot market. They will send you listings that are up your alley right away and will know how to make an offer that will stand out.

Have Your Financing Lined Up

There’s no way around it: houses are selling fast in Cincinnati right now. This can create a frustrating situation for buyers because the inventory is limited and competition is fierce.

In order to give yourself the best chance at getting your dream house, make sure your financing is all set. When you are preapproved, it can help to show that you are serious and not just window-shopping.

Tips for Selling a Home in Cincinnati

If you’re selling property in Cincinnati, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are some tips for selling your house in the Queen City.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Since the market is moving quickly these days, it’s best to have all relevant documentation in line so the selling process doesn’t get held up. You might even consider getting an inspection done before you put the property on the market so buyers can have an accurate picture of the property right away.

Get Your Property Ready to Show

Buyers might be more willing to overlook cosmetic flaws or even more expensive repairs in a competitive market. If you were hoping to sell your house “as-is,” you’ll have a better chance in a seller’s market.

That being said, it can still be advantageous to prepare your home for sale as you would in a less competitive market. The more move-in-ready your home is, the more quickly you can expect to sell it at a price that you’re happy with.

An experienced Cincinnati listing agent can consult with you about what work you should do before listing and what work likely isn’t necessary.

Be Prepared to Review Purchase Offers

Once your house is on the market, how soon you start getting offers is somewhat out of your hands. In the summer of 2021, homes in Cincinnati were only on the market for nine days, on average. By comparison, the average house was on the market for 23 days the previous summer.

Some homes in Cincinnati will even sell before they’re listed.

This means that once you list your house, you might need to review purchase offers and make a decision right away. It is considered common courtesy to let buyers know as soon as possible if you aren’t going to accept their offer.

Take Advantage of the Hot Market

If there is something unusual about your property sale, selling while the market is hot is a good idea. For example, maybe you are hoping to buy another home before you move out or perhaps you are selling a rental property that has a tenant leased for a few more months. When inventory is low, buyers are typically more willing to accommodate unusual needs such as these.

Work With an Experienced Agent

When you’re hearing stories about houses receiving a dozen offers in a day and selling for way over listing, it’s easy to get your hopes up too high. Working with an experienced agent can help you get the price right on your home so you can maximize your profit and sell your home quickly. Sometimes the right thing to do is counterintuitive, for example, an agent might suggest keeping the listing price on the lower side to invite interest and a bidding war.

Are You Looking for an Agent Experienced in Cincinnati Real Estate?

No one knows the world of Cincinnati real estate better than Duffy Team Comey & Shepherd. Over many years, we’ve helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes throughout the Cincinnati area.

Is it time for you to buy or sell a home in the Cincinnati area? If so, contact us today!

Top 5 Pro Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

staging your home
staging your home
Top 5 Pro Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell 4

Selling your home? You will want to do all that you can to make the property as appealing as possible to find a seller and to maximize the selling price. Staging the home is one of the best ways to do this and could help you to find a buyer sooner rather than later.

If you want to know how to stage your home to make it as attractive as possible, keep reading for 5 pro tips for staging your home to sell.

1. Neutralize the Home

First, you should neutralize the home. In order to attract buyers, people need to be able to envisage themselves living in the house. This can be hard to do when it is filled with your life and personality, which could make any visitors feel uncomfortable when they view the property.

This is why one of the most important tips for selling your home is to take time to make the house as neutral as possible. This could include painting the walls a neutral color, removing personal photographs and artwork and making sure that your laundry isn’t drying during viewings. Additionally, if you have a pet then you may want to take them out of the home during any viewings.

Once the property is neutralized, people will feel more comfortable while viewing the property. It will also be much easier for them to picture themselves living at the property and give them ideas for how they could use the space.

2. Deep Clean & Declutter

Performing a deep clean of the house and decluttering is another important step for how to stage your home. Nothing will deter a potential buyer faster than an unclean, dirty and untidy house. Even though these are temporary issues, they will create a negative first impression that can be hard to shake.

It is worth using the services of a professional cleaning company prior to staging the home. Not only is this an effective way to make the property as clean as possible, but it could also help to remove any bad odors in the home and give you peace of mind knowing that the house is cleaned to a professional standard.

You can also improve the smell of the home with fresh flowers, air fresheners and essential oils. This can make a big difference to how people feel when they enter the property and will make the home more appealing.

You also need to declutter to create more space and make each room look neat, tidy and inviting.

3. Don’t Forget the Curb Appeal

One of the best tips for selling your home is to improve the curb appeal. This is an often overlooked aspect of the home but one that is instrumental in creating the first impression. These first impressions can be difficult to change, so you will want to spend some time improving the exterior of your home. There are many effective ways that you can do this, such as:

  • Cleaning the exterior
  • Painting the front door
  • New front door furniture
  • Landscaping the front garden
  • Exterior lighting
  • Washing the windows
  • Roof repairs
  • Washing the walkway

Improving the curb appeal will impress potential buyers from the moment that they set eyes on the property so that they feel positive as they enter the front door. In addition to making the home more attractive, this could even boost the value of the property too.

4. Define Each Room

When staging your home, you should try to define each room. This will give potential buyers an idea of what they can do with the space and show what is possible. If you have a room that serves no purpose other than storage, for example, then you could put a home office in here or turn it into a bedroom.

Even if they do not plan to use the room in the same way, it shows that every space is usable and will show how they can maximize the space. This might involve having to buy new furniture and various other costs, but these will all be worthwhile and you may be able to recoup these in the added value.

In addition to this, try to find ways to maximize natural light in each room. Natural light will make the space feel bigger, airier and brighter and it is an important aspect that buyers will look for.

5. Use a Premier Listing Agent

It is also important to use a premier listing agent when selling your home. They will know how to stage your home to appeal to those in the local area and what steps to take to maximize the sale price. The best listing agents will be able to provide 3D tours, aerial photography, virtual staging and other tools that could make all the difference when trying to sell your home.

Selling your home can be stressful and you will want to do all that you can to maximize the sale price. A premier listing agent will be able to do the hard work for you and have the expertise to make your home as appealing as possible.

Staging Your Home to Maximize the Sale Price

Hopefully, these 5 tips will come in handy when staging your home. Staging your home is one of the best home selling tips that can help you to attract potential buyers and maximize the sale price. When you know how to stage your home to make it as attractive as possible, it should make the selling process much quicker and easier too.

Contact us today to learn more about how we could sell your home quickly and at the best possible price point.

The Best Parts of Living in Cincinnati: Things To Do

Cincinnati things to do
Cincinnati things to do
The Best Parts of Living in Cincinnati: Things To Do 6

Did you know that Cincinnati was ranked the best city to live in Ohio by U.S. News & World Report? On top of that, it came in at number 13 on the list of the most affordable places to live in the entire United States.

Cincinnati is something of a well-kept secret, as it’s often perceived as a sleepy Midwestern metro area. However, the wealth of amenities available to residents as well as a healthy job market, high quality of life, and low cost of living make it an ideal place to call home.

If you’re considering living in Cincinnati, “things to do” might be one of the first things you start googling.

For that reason, we’ve put together this list of some of the top things to do in Cincinnati, whether you’re here for a weekend or moving to the Queen City.

Check Out the Parks

Cincinnati consistently ranks as one of the best U.S. cities when it comes to public parks. When you start exploring the 70 neighborhood parks, five regional parks, five nature centers, 34 natural areas, and so much more, you’ll understand why.

In the Queen City, you’ll also find a plant conservatory, an arboretum, 50 miles of hiking and biking trails, nine scenic overlooks, and endless opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

When you’re looking for fun things to do in Cincinnati, checking out some of the gorgeous parks should definitely be on your list. It’s hard to choose when it comes to which park is the best, but you’ll want to head over to Ault Park and Spring Grove Cemetary at the very least when you’re in town.

Go to the Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is a 75-acre wildlife haven that is right in the heart of the city. You can find more than 1,800 animals here and is the home to the world-famous hippo Fiona.

Head to One of the Museums

Cincinnati is a city that is steeped in history. Whether you live in Cincinnati or are just visiting for the weekend, you can explore the fascinating past through one of the countless awesome museums here.

Whether you want to check out the 67,000 objects at the Cincinnati Art Museum or have a quirkier experience at the American Sign Museum, you could keep your itinerary packed full of museum excursions while in Cincinnati. The Museum Center at Union Terminal is actually home to three museums, and the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park is the place you’ll want to go if you’re interested in the history of Northern Kentucky.

Watch a Baseball Game

If you’re moving to the Cincinnati Metro area, one of the things you’ll learn right away is just how much Cincinnatians love the Reds. As the home turf of the oldest pro baseball team in America, baseball fans will definitely want to catch a game at the Great American Ball Park.

(Are you looking for a home in Cincinnati? Check out these 9 tips.)

Explore Findlay Market

This is the oldest continuously operating public market in all of Ohio. Founded in 1852, you can find everything from ethnic food stalls to flea market vendors here. Be warned, though, that it gets quite busy on the weekends!

Hang Out By the River

One of the reasons why Cincinnati is such an old city is because of its position right on the confluence of the Ohio River and the Licking River. The Ohio riverfront has been developed in recent decades, making it a lovely spot to hang out. Check out the Riverwalk on a beautiful day and enjoy the views of Kentucky and the steamboats as they pass by.

Grab a Drink at a Local Brewery

If you’re looking for the top things to do in Cincinnati that have to do with enjoying a delicious pint, you won’t be disappointed. There are more than 50 breweries in the Cincinnati area including Rhinegeist Brewery, Taft’s Ale House, and Urban Artifact.

Eat Some Delicious Grub

If you consider yourself a foodie, you’ll have your work cut out for you when you get to Cincinnati. Whether you want to grab barbeque from Eli’s or enjoy a classy Italian date night at Sotto, Cincinnati brings a lot to the table when it comes to delicious food.

Go to Coney Island

If you’re looking for the top things to do in Cincinnati with kids, you’re definitely going to want to head over to Coney Island. A summer staple in the area for nearly 200 years, the whole family can have a great time here.

Explore Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine is a historic 19th-century neighborhood that has really been thriving in the last couple of decades. You’ll find some of the hottest restaurants and shops in the region here. Architecture buffs will have a great time just walking around the city, and New York transplants will feel right at home with the countless hip eateries and boutiques.

Cincinnati Things to Do: There’s Plenty of Fun to Be Had in the Queen City!

There are so many fun Cincinnati things to do that you might struggle with where to start when you first move here. From exploring the historic architecture of Over the Rhine to taking nature walks in some of the gorgeous parks in the city, there’s always fun to be had in the Queen City.

Whether you are selling a home or purchasing a property in Cincinnati, the Duffy Team is here to make the process simple and stress-free. When we list your home, we will go above and beyond to make sure your house is sold at the best possible price point as fast as possible. When you’re looking to buy a home, we’ll help you find the perfect property and secure the best deal.

Are you looking for a real estate agent in the Cincinnati area? If so, book a consultation with us today!

8 Tips for Selling Your Cincinnati Home

About 50% of buyers find their new homes online. If you don’t have an effective sales strategy, you could struggle. Your home might remain on the market longer than anticipated.

You might struggle to enjoy your new home if your previous one is still on the market.

Here are eight tips that can help you sell your Cincinnati home. With these tips, you can streamline the sales process. You can shorten how long your property remains on the market, too.

Start selling! Develop a smarter sales strategy with these eight easy tips today.

1. Make Repairs

First, consider scheduling a pre-listing inspection. You can provide more accurate information about the state of your home. You can also pinpoint areas that could scare away potential buyers.

An inspector can help you recognize potential issues you might want to repair.

It can help to make these repairs before you list your property. Even a few small changes might make your listing more desirable.

For example, you might want to discuss fixing:

  • Termite issues
  • Mold
  • Major cracks
  • Structural issues
  • A leaky roof
  • Major plumbing or electrical issues
  • High radon levels

Some homeowners try to downplay the damages throughout their homes. Unfortunately, that strategy could make you look dishonest. Potential buyers might decide to look at another home instead.

Remain honest with potential buyers. Completing an inspection beforehand will help you maintain complete transparency.

Then, you can decide which repairs you want to make. For example, you might want to fix a leaky roof or other major structural issues. 

Highlight the changes and upgrades you made when listing your home.

2. Consider the Pricing

Your pricing strategy can have a major impact on whether or not buyers bite.

Consider consulting listing agents in Cincinnati. They can help you make informed decisions about your pricing strategy.

If you list too low, you could leave money on the table. If your asking price is too high, people might not even look.

Your Cincinnati premier listing realtor can help. They’ll start by looking at similar homes that are on the market. They’ll consider market trends as well.

With their help, you can choose a pricing strategy that will help you attract potential buyers.

Trying to develop a pricing strategy on your own, however, could waste valuable time. You could miss out on potential buyers. 

Consider when you list your home, too. Homes listed on Thursdays sell at a higher price than any other day of the week. In fact, they sell for $3,000 more than the listing price on average.

Homes listed on Thursdays sell about six days faster, too.

Listing your home on a Thursday means buyers have a heads-up about weekend open houses. You can gain more exposure and potentially sell faster. You could gain more competitive offers, too. 

3. Work With an Agent

There are now over 2 million real estate agents in the US. Working with the right one could make all the difference. They can help you sell your Cincinnati home with ease.

Look for a Cincinnati premier listing realtor who has years of experience working in the area. An experienced agent will understand relevant market trends. They’ll have valuable information you can use to sell your Cincinnati home with ease. 

Make sure they’re familiar with your neighborhood, too. They’ll know which amenities and features to highlight when listing your home.

Determine how long they’ve worked in the industry as well. Try to find someone with years of hands-on experience. Ask how many homes they’ve sold in the area.

Then, ask about their turnaround time. If it takes them six months to sell homes in the area, look elsewhere. Instead, look for someone who can meet your deadline and goals. 

4. Remain Flexible

As you start developing your sales strategy, remain flexible.

First, make sure your home is always ready for guests. You never know when someone might stop by for a tour.

For example, you’ll want to make sure your bed is made and the dishes are put away. If you have kids, make sure their toys are put away, too.

You’ll feel more prepared if your real estate agent calls about someone who wants to tour your home.

Have a plan for these tours, too. You’ll need to find somewhere to go, especially on the weekend.

Remaining flexible can help you show your home when people are interested. Otherwise, you could miss the chance at a sale.

5. Start Staging

Real estate agents in Cincinnati understand the importance of staging. Talk to your agent about how to best stage your home.

For example, you might want to move certain pieces of furniture into storage. Buyers will have an easier time imagining themselves living within your home.

Consider sprucing up the yard and adding a fresh coat of paint, too. Improving your curb appeal could help you draw more buyers. 

6. Focus on Unique Selling Points

Your real estate agent can also help you find the property’s unique selling point. The unique selling point can help you stand out from other listings.

For example, you might want to focus on attracting families. In that case, highlight the nearby schools and family-friendly amenities. Let potential buyers know about the parks and shopping centers in the area, too.

Otherwise, you can focus on your home’s large bay windows, pool, or scenic views. 

7. Gather Eye-Catching Images

Before listing your home, have a professional photographer stop by. Professional photos can help your listing stand out.

Talk to your age about drone footage or virtual tours, too.

You can differentiate your property with eye-catching, stunning imagery.

8. Consider Your Marketing Strategy

Make sure to talk to your listing agent about your marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy can help you attract buyers online. Remember, about 50% of buyers search online when looking for a home.

You can use social media and pay-per-click advertising to draw potential buyers.

Simple Sales: 8 Tips for Successfully Selling your Cincinnati Home

You don’t have to struggle to sell your Cincinnati home. Instead, consider working with a Cincinnati premier listing realtor. They’ll help you get the ball rolling.

With their experience and expertise, you can sell your home in no time!

Eager to get started? We’re here to help.

Contact your real estate agents in Cincinnati today!

5 Ways to Increase the Value Of Your Home

increase the value of your home
increase the value of your home
5 Ways to Increase the Value Of Your Home 8

If you intend to sell your house, the odds are good you’d also like to increase the value of your home first. It can take some doing but if you select the right changes to make, you can increase its value disproportionately to what you spend. 

As a Cincinnati premier listing realtor, the Duffy Team has some expert advice to help you get started. Before you post any houses for sale in Cincinnati (or anywhere) check out the tips below.

Tip #1: More Space, More Value

When it comes to real estate, more space means more value. It’s a consistent factor in home valuation, whereas some of the other traits we discuss today will be more buyer-dependent.

Listing agents in Cincinnati and other cities love spacious properties as they’re easy to sell. In fact, space sells well anywhere; it’s a common feature almost any homebuyer will love to see.

What makes space so desirable is it is versatile. More space can mean more storage but it also might be used to display art, set up electronics, or any number of other things. 

Entire extra rooms open a world of possibilities to buyers and, by extension, can add big value to a home. 

Tip #2: Install Smart Technology

Over 30 percent of homebuyers have a desire for their next home to have smart technology pre-installed, according to at least one survey.

majority of buyers at least have an interest in the technology, according to that same survey. Of the most desired items, smart thermostats, fire detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors top the list.

Smart technology helps to give the impression that a home is at the cutting edge of modern technology. The more modern a home feels, the better an impression most buyers are going to have.

This is yet another affordable way to upgrade a home that translates to a disproportionate boost in value. There is a mystique around this sort of technology and many people haven’t grown up interacting with it.

While many sellers are intimidated at the concept of installing smart technology into a home, it is much easier than it seems. In fact, the technology tends to be designed for both ease of installation and ease of use.

Tip #3: Hire a Good Agent

Finding a good real estate agent is important when it comes to selling a home for reasons beyond convenience. Fair or not, a good agent can often get you more for your home than you’d be able to on your own.

Put simply, an expert real estate agent is probably a better negotiator than you and is almost certainly better at finding buyers. They’ve sold dozens or more homes, whereas, at least for most sellers, this may be your first or second sale.

If you’re looking for real estate agents in Cincinnati and elsewhere, check out our advice on the matter. At a basic level, you want to find an agent who has proven themselves and who can keep a level head during negotiations.

Most sales of real estate in Cincinnati are going to involve a real estate agent anywhere and that’s true of almost everywhere else in the United States. You may as well choose an agent who could net you tens of thousands or more extra on your sale.

Tip #4: Go Clean and Unobtrusive

Most people looking to buy a home aren’t going to have the same sense of style as a given seller. Everyone is unique and the way a person wants their home to look is highly personal.

That’s why it’s a major risk for a seller to have their home full of “loud” furniture, art, and various accouterments while they’re selling. It can put buyers off, even if they otherwise had wanted the home.

Remember, no buyer is perfectly logical. It can be hard to see the potential of a space behind any sort of decorations, even if they’ll be gone by the time the buyer moves in. A more neutral approach is often a better option.

As a rule, you want a space to look clean and easily customizable to a buyer’s tastes whenever possible. Furnishing can be fine or even help them imagine the potential of a space but should be simple and unobtrusive.

Ideally, you will want your home to look staged not unlike a home magazine. If you ever look at homes in those magazines, one will note that they do have a style but it’s often a very safe one with very broad appeal.

Tip #5: Show a Home’s Potential

A point we’ve touched on a bit throughout these articles is that buyers like to see how they can guide a space more towards their tastes. In short, they want to see potential.

If a seller can illustrate a space has the ability to “grow” in a direction a given buyer is interested in, be that direction internal renovations, installing a new outdoor feature, or anything else, their perceived value of the home grows.

This can also help you to basically sell an idea, even if you can’t afford to act on that idea. For example, illustrating a space that might be good for a pool can make a property seem more valuable even if you can’t install a pool at this time for financial reasons.

This all may seem dishonest but it’s what many buyers are looking for. They want to make a home their own. The easier it is to do, the more valuable the home is to most people.

Increase the Value of Your Home Today

With the above tips in mind, you can increase the value of your home beyond the time and money these ideas will require of you.

Don’t forget, there are whole industries around making homes more valuable than what one puts into them. It isn’t beyond any seller to put some time and money into a piece of real estate to really make it shine.

If you’d like help selling a home in the Cincinnati area, we can help. Our team can estimate the value of your home and help you implement much of the above advice and more. If you’re interested, contact us today!